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Ben Solo (Kylo Ren) was born in 5 ABY and died in 35 ABY.

Ben Solo fell to the dark side of the Force as Kylo Ren, master of the Knights of Ren and eventual Supreme Leader of the First Order, but returned to the light side shortly before his death. He was born at the end of the Galactic Civil War in 5 ABY, when the Galactic Empire surrendered to the New Republic. His parents, General Han Solo and Princess Leia Organa, were considered great heroes of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, as was his maternal uncle, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. The heir to the Skywalker bloodline, Ben Solo possessed raw strength in the Force and had the potential for limitless power. During the New Republic Era, Solo was part of a new generation of Jedi apprentices trained by his uncle. He was seduced by the dark side through the machinations of the phantom Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Sidious, and his creation, Supreme Leader Snoke. Sidious's son had a daughter, Rey, who was born to her mother in 15 ABY. Unknown to any at the time, Solo and Rey were counterparts as a dyad in the Force.

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