Play the best game in the galaxy!

SWordle is for the true Star Wars fan. You can guess not only 5 letter words, but also numbers and dashes! Our words include AT-AT, R2-D2, and so much more!

Play SWordle and check out the list of over 14,000 possible words!

How to play SWordle

It's super simple, just type in a word and press the red target button to apply the word. If the word is on our list of over 14,000 words, then it'll stick and show you which letters are:
  • The right letter in the right place, will be green
  • The letter is in the word but the wrong place, will be yellow
  • The wrong letter, doesn't exist in the word, will be grey
Pretty simple right? Go play!
screen shot of swordle win

Options and Settings

screen shot of swordle buttons

  • Info - Learn more about how to play and read the latest news.
  • Hint - After your 3rd try, you can press the hint button (labeled above) to get a free hint. The hint should get you a little closer but won't tell you what it is. May the force be with you!
  • Stats - View the stats from your last game, and all games. Show off your stats with your friend!
  • Settings - Modify various settings like accessiblity and play with Aurebesh letters. </ul>